wedding scene with bride and groom, confetti falling

2019 Trends We Love

December 7, 2020

What better way to start the new year than with our very first blog post! We love this time of year (in spite of the weather) because it gives us a chance to take stock of the past, present, and future of design trends. Without further ado here are the design trends we’re most excited about in 2019 and a mood board for each.


Funky Florals

We’re all about the more avant grade approach many top floral designers seem to be taking lately. Arrangements are getting looser (peace out, round flower balls!) with a focus on great texture and natural color palettes. Traditionally tacky buds like the Anthurium and GASP Carnations have made big comebacks and lend themselves to modern weddings. Some designers are ditching flowers all together in favor of pampas grass, cotton, thistle, feathers and fruit.


Go Bold

If you follow us on Instagram, it’s no secret that we love bold colors. We’re so excited to see it finally coming back into wedding and event design after what has felt like a decade of blush and beige palettes reigning supreme. Don’t expect neutrals to disappear completely. We’ll see a lot of “new neutrals” like coppery-oranges, dusty pinks, and mustards paired with pops of brighter jewel tones. Bolder textures like velvet and patterned linens are working their way on to tablescapes and we are here. for. it.


Minimal Bridal looks

While other looks are getting bolder, bridal looks are going in the opposite direction. Lace and intricate beading are taking a back seat to sleek and classic styles. Details like open backs and plunging necklines add a modern twist on the traditional plain white dress. We love the idea of pairing a simple dress with a unique hair piece, bold jewelry and an extra large bouquet.